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Eng. Mostafa Algorithm

Eng. Mustafa Atef became more and more interested in programming and development until he studied other languages such as Python, Java, PHP, HTML, JS, CSS,Kotlin, SQL, and Bash Script, and after he began the path of creative learning, creating many projects and decided to be Among the elite providers of technical content in the Arab world, many specialists in information and its legalization have provided awareness in the field of protection and protection of information, as is the case with my website electronically, to provide the greatest possible dissemination of scientific methods in the field of programming, technology and its security.

Eng. Abdullah Ahmed

Hey there! I'm ENG . Abdullah Ahmed, and I'm all about teaching programming with a special love for IoT and embedded systems. I've been rocking it as an instructor for two years now, sharing my knowledge in languages like C, Java, C++, Python, HTML, CSS, and Arduino C. I've also been in the mix of national competitions, putting my skills to the test and showing what I'm made of! Outside of the classroom, I'm always diving into cool projects that blend tech and creativity. For me, education is everything. I truly believe in its power to spark inspiration and empower the next generation of programmers. So, let's keep this journey going, making waves in the world of programming and beyond!

Eng. Mahmoud Hossam

Eng. Mahmoud Hossam He became more and more interested in programming and development until he studied other languages ​​such as Python, Java, HTML, JS, CSS, Kotlin, xml SQL and plsql He also mastered algorithms, data structure, and programming languages.Able to code, test, debug, and monitor changes in mobile applications,And also master the knowledge of mobile application terminology, He also mastered the ability to adapt existing mobile phone applications

Eng. Osama Sameh Tony

I am a Network Operations and Maintenance at Telecom Egypt, the largest provider of fixed-line services in the Middle East and Africa, My core competencies include building and maintaining telecommunications networks, working with various types of cards and cabinets, and troubleshooting network issues. In my current role, I have been part of the journey of constructing and delivering network services to our customers, from the ground up. I have gained hands-on experience with Linux, API documentation, and wireless networking, as well as valuable insights into the telecommunications industry.